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A Look Inside a Tocara Home

Tour inside our homes including many a Parade of Homes winners. View the signature Tocara quality mixed with the desire from the homeowner to create stunning works of art.

A long run of winning

Parade of Homes

Tocara Custom Homes has had winning homes every year between 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2022.  Three of those years, also winning “Best Interiors.”

Elegantly Designed

Artistically Crafted

We understand what it means to experience a construction process that provides you with not only a beautiful, comfortable home of superb quality, but also an experience of clear communication and understanding of your project from start to finish. You’ll find a simple, straightforward homebuilding process defined by honesty, mutual respect and trust.

a little about...


Tom Soden and Cari Aberle began their partnership as builders in 2010, bringing together their cooperating skills and abilities to form Tocara Custom Home Builders.  The initial inspiration of Tocara was sparked with a desire to be set apart as a Custom Home Building Company. Not only is their purpose to build homes using top quality materials and methods to construct the homes, but also to create an environment and a partnership with the homeowners that make the process fun and rewarding, bringing a sense of pride to all involved…

Features of Tocara

Quality: progression and constant improvement in our engineered systems of energy efficiency and structural integrity, everything from the ground work all the way through to the details on wall finishes.

Details that will pass the test of time. Intricacies rarely seen in the 20th and 21st centuries that will transcend you into a period when dream homes took years or even decades to construct.

Characteristic design elements out of inspiration provided by the home owner. Being specifically planned, Tocara homes are custom to each family’s needs and lifestyle.


Safe rooms: your safety is our concern. When building with Tocara, every home comes with a safe room.


Floorpans out of your imagination and desires; perfected by our experience of function and beauty.

Harmony: Finding the perfect balance between various materials provides our homes an element of style and endurance.


See how we can build your dream house.